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5 Ways a Physical Therapist can Help You PREVENT Injury – Physical Therapist Hialeah

If you are like most people, then you will only go to a Physical Therapist when you absolutely need to. This is usually following an acute injury, such as after surgery or hurting your back. However, did you know that visiting a physical therapist – including our physical therapist in Hialeah – can greatly benefit your health and prevent future injury? 5 Ways a Physical Therapist can Help Prevent Injury 1. Avoid surgery Surgery can be painful and expensive. Plus sometimes the surgical outcomes are even worse than the pre-surgery condition. For this reason, surgery should be considered a last resort. Of course, when it is required and medically necessary, then it can be a good (or even the best) option. However, did you know that not all surgeries are medically necessary? Some conditions can be treated non-invasive treatment options. Physical therapy is one such option. Many muscular injuries and health conditions can be treated with physical therapy, or physical therapy combined with another non-invasive modality. 2. Improve mobility There are many studies, including this study from Europe, which have found a strong correlation between physical therapy and an increase in functional mobility. And it’s not hard to imagine how this works. It’s very simple. Naturally, if we practice moving our body and increasing our range of motion, then it is likely to increase with practice. However, despite being something which is simple, it’s something we often forget. Are you taking the time to exercise? If you have past injuries, working with a trained physical therapist can help. Our physical therapist in Hialeah can design exercises for your individual...

How to Give Auto Injury Clinic in Hialeah Patients the RITECARE from the very beginning.

According to DMV Florida, every year in Miami Dade County there are between 40 and 50 thousand car accidents. Many people are lucky to walk away totally unharmed, however there are also many injuries.   For those who are injured, it can be a stressful and confusing situation. Which doctor should you go to? What type of specialist? This article aims to give you an overview of why our auto injury clinic in Hialeah is a good option for people in Miami Dade who have been injured in an auto accident. I have been injured in a car accident – what should I do? Florida PIP (aka “no fault”) insurance covers 80% of the first $10,000 of your medical bills if you are injured in an auto accident. However, this is only the case if you receive treatment within 14 days of the accident.   Therefore, immediately after the accident, it is important to quickly visit a medical provider to check for any injuries. Not all injuries are immediately visible and diagnostic tools such as x-rays can help to catch any conditions sustained from the accident. If you miss this 14 day window, then you will miss the ability for your insurance to cover your medical costs. What is an auto injury clinic? An auto injury clinic – such as RiteCare’s auto injury clinic in Hialeah – is able to diagnose and evaluate your injuries, in addition to providing urgent care. For life-threatening injuries, you should still go to your nearest Emergency Room. However, for all non-life-threatening injuries, it will likely be quicker and more affordable (therefore using up...



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