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What are the most common motor vehicle injuries we treat at our Auto Injury Clinic in Hialeah?

You’ve been a safe driver for the past 10 years, you have never committed a traffic violation, and you have no points on your driver’s license. One day, as you are driving on a straight road, knowing it’s one way since you use it every morning to get to work, you step on the gas. All of a sudden, you see a car making a turn right towards you. You slam on the brakes, but it’s not enough – seconds later, you end up in a head-on collision with an inexperienced 18-year-old who missed the one-way road sign. It wasn’t your fault, but the accident happened anyway. This is just one example of thousands of car collisions that take place every day. Some are more severe than others; however, even the ones that happen while you are driving 5 miles per hour may negatively influence your health. At our Auto Injury Clinic in Hialeah, we see patients with post-auto accident injuries every month. In today’s article, we share several of the most common motor vehicle injuries we treat at our practice. 1.   Neck Injuries Whiplash is probably the most common post-auto collision injury. It’s a very serious condition that can’t be left untreated, yet it’s often hard to detect. Whiplash is caused by a sudden snap of your head backward, forward or sideways. People with whiplash have damaged the muscles and ligaments supporting the neck and upper back because of the unnatural stretching and tearing of the neck tendons and ligaments during the collision. Contrary to what you may think, a strong force isn’t required to get whiplash. Even...

Physical therapy in Hialeah – What types of chronic conditions do we treat?

If you have recently been injured, had surgery, or have been suffering from chronic or acute pain, you may need physical therapy to help you get back on your feet and enjoy your daily activities again. There are countless advantages of PT such as: shortening recovery time, regaining original functionality and strength, and lessening pain. If you are looking for a trusted practice that offers physical therapy in Hialeah, you just found it! RiteCare Urgent Care provides specialized programs designed to meet our patients’ needs. Our physical therapy programs will help your functional, physical, cognitive and behavioral skills return and enable you to live life to the fullest! In today’s article, we will discuss several chronic conditions that our PT programs treat. Please remember that these are only a few examples. We encourage you to contact us to learn even more about the treatments and therapies we provide. Arthritis Arthritis is, in the simplest terms, inflammation of a joint or several joints. It causes stiffness, pain, swelling and a decreased range of motion. According to the Arthritis Foundation, there are many different types of arthritis, such as: degenerative arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, infectious arthritis, and metabolic arthritis. This condition can occur in people of different ages, genders and races, and it constitutes the leading cause of disability in America. According to the statistics, about 50 million adults and 300,000 children struggle with some type of arthritis.1 Physical therapy can really help in many cases. It focuses on improving the range of motion and strengthens the muscles around the joints through various exercises. Even though moving arthritic joints may cause increased...



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