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Uber to shut down their driverless car program in Arizona

Just 2 months after the fatal accident involving a pedestrian who was hit by a driverless Uber car, Uber has halted its driverless car program. The program, based in Arizona, had previously provided employment for over 300 people.   The people of Arizona had voiced their concerns about the program, forcing the Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, to take action. In response, he has now decided to ban the company from allowing any more driverless cars on Arizona roads.   Choosing not to fight the issue in the courts, Uber has abided with this request and has now officially stated that it is ending its driverless car program in Arizona.   So does this mean the end of driverless cars? Almost certainly not. Uber has announced plans to restart its program in Pennsylvania. In return for allowing the program, the state is likely to see an increase in jobs. Conversely, Arizona is set to lose 300 jobs, as Uber staff are relocated. Uber to offer staff more benefits This news comes on top of other recent news surrounding Uber, most notably that the firm has promised to give more benefits to Uber drivers in the EU. This was in response to being put under pressure from the EU, which was complaining that Uber was effectively treating Uber ‘contractors’ as employees, yet not paying the necessary taxes and benefits. As a result, Uber will now pay for maternity leave and provide other healthcare benefits.   Does this mean that Uber will soon offer USA drivers more benefits? It is hard to say. Although the EU decision sets a precedent, EU...

Drug Testing at the Soccer World Cup – Russia to take no part it in

If you’re a big sports fan, then you probably already heard about the drug testing controversy regarding Russia and the Olympics. This has now spilled over into the world of soccer, with officials recently announcing that Russia will not be allowed to play any part in the drug testing of soccer players for this summer’s soccer world cup.   The games, ironically being held in Russia, will see the world’s best 32 national soccer teams compete to become world soccer champions. The games will be hosted in 11 Russian cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kaliningrad. However, despite all games taking place on Russian soil, FIFA officials have declared – in no uncertain terms – that Russia will be be involved in the anti-doping procedures.   Michael D’Hooghe from FIFA was quoted by the Times as saying: “My basic condition to lead the anti-doping policy in Russia is that everything would be done from the very beginning to the last point by FIFA without Russian intervention…That means the chaperones, who take the players from the field, will be designated by FIFA and will not be Russian.” What drugs do they test for in professional sports? Using performance enhancing chemicals is nothing new and is said to have been done even as far back as the olympics in ancient Greece. However, the practice is of course unfair, which is why drug testing exists. But what type of drugs are actually tested for?   In short, the tests aim to find any drugs which have been banned by the appropriate sporting authorities. These include:   Anabolic steroids Androstenedione Human Growth Hormone...



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