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Different Types of Drug Screening Employers should Know About

Different Types of Drug Screening Employers should Know About

Drug screening or drug testing is the process of collecting a sample of blood, urine or hair, then testing it to detect the presence of chemicals and contaminants in the body that are left by drug usage. The main purpose of drug screening is to promote and improve the safety of a workplace for the employees. It is not only used in the corporate world. In sports, it is used to detect performance-enhancing drugs, such as steroids and HCG, to maintain fairness. There are different types of drug testing methods that employers should know about. To better understand your options, drug test in Hialeah will discuss the details of these types of drug screening. Pre-employment As a part of the pre-employment process, most applicants are required to be screened for drug use. This depends on the state of the law and the company policies, but most employers may require drug testing prior to offering a job. Post-accident Post-accident, also called post-incident, drug testing is executed after an employee’s involvement in a workplace accident. This type of testing is used to determine if drug use was a factor in the incident. It is advisable to perform the drug test within 12 hours of the incident to get viable results. Random or periodic Random or periodic drug testing is usually conducted in an unannounced way. The process randomly selects employees through a computer system, after that they undergo the drug-testing program. Through the random selection process, employees have assurance that the selection is not bias and that all employees have an equal chance of being selected. This type of drug testing...



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