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Why Stroke Patients Need Physical Therapy

Why Stroke Patients Need Physical Therapy

Stroke patients lose some vital connections between their muscles and the brain that may affect their movements. But this doesn’t have to be a life-long disability if the patient undergoes consistent physical therapy with skilled therapists at Ritecare medical center, Hialeah. According to the American Stroke Organization, brain cell damage due to stroke can be temporary for some patients. Over time, around 10 percent of stroke survivors can fully restore their muscle functioning while a quarter of them are left with only minor impairments.  Importance of Physical Therapy After Stroke A stroke can paralyze one side of the body and the first few weeks following the patient’s recovery is usually focused on keeping the muscles stimulated, through physical therapy, so that voluntary movement may eventually return. Once the movement returns, the next focus of physical therapy is to help stroke patients regain their motor function so that they can still walk, sit, stand, and lie down without assistance, according to the National Institute of Aging. The long-term goal of physical therapy is to help the stroke patient be as independent as possible. Physical therapists (PTs) at the Ritecare physical therapy clinic in Hialeah share that although physical therapy may be a long process for many patients, it is a crucial step that will reduce complications and improve a stroke survivor’s quality of life. With consistent therapy, a skilled PT, and the patient’s willpower, significant improvements are possible. Physical therapy may start as soon as the doctor declares that the condition of the patient is stable. It’s important to start the process early because the patient may become deconditioned, which...



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