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What are the 4 main benefits of occupational medicine?

What are the 4 main benefits of occupational medicine?

Every employer is well aware of how important the health of their employees is. A happy and healthy person is much more productive, motivated, and eager to work. In order to protect employees’ well-being, it’s wise to consider occupational health care as part of your larger health plan. Its main goals are providing a healthy and safe working environment, preventing any work-related diseases, and ensuring that employees retain their ability to work. RiteCare Medical Center in Hialeah is composed of a team of occupational health specialists who treat new and current Work Comp patients every month. In today’s article, they’re sharing four benefits of occupational medicine that every employer should be familiar with. Reduced expenses Usually because of the financial pressure put on companies, injury cases are guaranteed a minimum number of medical visits. Occupational health clinics, however, are committed to getting an injured employee back to work as soon as possible by promptly delivering efficient and effective services to their patients. Minimizing the time out of work along with shorter treatment times mean reduced expenses for the employer.1 Work Comp Services Places like RiteCare Medical Center in Hialeah not only specialize in occupational medicine services such as employment physicals and drug testing, but also in treating work-related injuries. They clearly understand the work comp claim process and realize the importance of communication with all the providers involved in the case, as well as how to follow the state workers’ compensation guidelines. They make sure their programs are compliant.    Safety It has become quite common for employers to ask employees to undergo physical examinations and pre-employment physicals, such...



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